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Business Management Apps

Our expertise lies in crafting tools that facilitate day-to-day operations, including Enterprise, B2B, or SaaS applications. Our focus is on creating solutions that promote business efficiency and smooth operation.


Full service - UI/UX Design


CGI Norway & Sweden, ERPLY, and others

We have designed multiple workforce and productivity tools in the Nordics. Designing such tools requires a user-centered approach that focuses on the needs and goals of both the employers and the employees. At its core, this approach is driven by an understanding of how people work and what they need to be successful.

Design Process

To start, we gather data on the users' current workflows and pain points, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement. Using this information, we create a set of design principles and success metrics that guide our decision-making throughout the design process. Next, we create wireframes and prototypes that allow us to test our designs with users and refine them based on their feedback and analytics. 

Overall, clients can expect a collaborative, user-centered approach that delivers workforce management tools that are effective, efficient, and intuitive to use. Our approach ensures that the tools we create not only meet the business needs, but also help to improve the productivity and satisfaction of their employees.

Example Cases
  • Workforce Management: work and vacation time planning, payroll management

  • Point of Sale (POS) Software

  • Project Management Tools

  • ERP Software

  • Invoicing and Reports

  • User and Customer Management

  • Admin Interfaces 

UI/UX Designing

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