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Cybersecurity Game Website

Spoofy is an online game for kids. It teaches them proper online behaviour and the dangers of the Internet. 



Responsive UI Design


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The target audience for the web is both children and grownups - the parents and educators. The approach of the design was to create an engaging and enjoyable user interface for kids while providing all necessary information for adults. To achieve this, the UI elements were inspired by the UI of the game itself, which can be accessed through this site.

The colorful characters from the game were also incorporated to create a fun and familiar experience for users. The focus of the design was to strike a balance between a visually appealing and informative interface that would appeal to both children and adults alike.

Mobile Version

The UI designs were created for all device sizes. The mobile version features bigger text and buttons, and simplified illustrative elements.


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According to a recent study, 10% of children have either been solicited for money online or received a message from an unknown person. This highlights the growing importance of children's cybersecurity as a critical concern.

The game was developed by CGI Finland in 2019. Its' promotion and development in Estonia has been a collaborative effort by CGI Estonia, Telia, The Union of Child Protection and governmental partners. 

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