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The Web eID solution enables the use of Estonian digital documents (ID-card, digital ID, e-Resident’s digital ID, residence permit card, etc.) for secure authentication and signing on the web.


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Digital societies, made possible by the use of ID cards, are admired by many. However, making the system work smoothly, especially online, can be challenging. The previous web eID solution was complex and caused issues with browser and operating system APIs, resulting in poor user experience and higher support costs. The new Web eID initiative aims to reduce these errors by using various authentication and signing technologies.

The Web eID solution consists of a JavaScript library, a web browser extension, and an application which jointly coordinate the communication between the web browser, the website, and the smart card to perform cryptographic operations. Read more about the technical solution here:

Design Process

The design work focused mainly on the dialogues that appear in the browser for the user. To create a good user experience, we analyzed the various types of end-users and the technical limitations. We developed personas and user-journeys to understand all possible workflows. We created four distinct personas and mapped out alternative scenarios and errors to ensure that users are always guided towards a solution.

The design process prioritized accessibility in all decision-making, following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (AA). Both the dark and light themes are supported.

Once the work on dialogues was completed, we also designed a landing page to introduce the technical solution and provide instructions to developers.

The Dialogues

The dialogues are presented to the user in all browser activities where ID-card (or equivalent) is required. They guide the user through authentication, signing, possible issues and information.

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